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Who ‘stole’ the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election?

Who ‘stole’ the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election?

11 months ago

Dr. Jo Jorgensen appeared on every voter’s ballot, offered serious Libertarian solutions

GREENVILLE, S.C.November 10, 2020—  People constantly asked Dr. Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian for President in 2020, ”Will you spoil the election for President Donald Trump or Joe Biden by stealing their votes?”

“Biden and Trump received millions of undeserved votes through preferential media coverage and campaign finance laws that obscured the Libertarian alternative,” said Jorgensen. “Neither Biden nor Trump deserved my 1.76 million votes. Rather, I deserved millions of theirs, which I would have received if I had received similar levels of media coverage.”

Ross Perot, the only alternative-party presidential candidate allowed in the debates in the last 30 years, won 20 million votes in 1992 — and that was after he dropped out of the race, then re-entered. He was winning in the polls before he dropped out.

If Trump does not prevail in his challenge to the election results, the only way Jorgensen will have swung the race is if she caused Trump to lose in four swing states: Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

An analysis in Reason Magazine suggests that libertarian voters sometimes swing Democratic, and sometimes, Republican. Many go for neither. It appears that 34 percent went for neither candidate this time, and only 66 percent of Jorgensen votes were up for grabs.

For Trump to have won in Georgia or Arizona, he would have needed 25 percent and 51 percent, respectively, of those available Jorgensen votes. Both are plausible, if not likely.

But for him to have won Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, 89 percent and 81 percent, respectively, of those Jorgensen voters would have needed to swing his way. That’s unlikely.

“If you want to know who really stole the 2020 presidential election, start with the Commission on Presidential Debates,” said Jorgensen. “Even though my name was on every voter’s ballot, in all fifty states plus the District of Columbia, they excluded me from the debates.”

“The CPD, run by Democrats and Republicans, sets rules to serve themselves, not the voters,” she said. “They didn’t want voters to know about a candidate who offered to dramatically lower the cost of their health care; bring our troops home from Afghanistan and the Middle East; and create millions of new jobs by slashing government spending, taxes, and red tape.”

“While our Libertarian votes were, once again, severely suppressed by the establishment powers that be, I’m proud of what this campaign has accomplished,” said Jorgensen. “We grew the party, grew the libertarian movement, and firmly established the Libertarian Party as America’s third choice. Democrats and Republicans would be wise to heed the growing demand for Libertarian solutions.”

Vote Spread and Trump Votes Needed for Jorgensen to Swing Election 
Based on voting results as reported on November 9, 2020

Biden Spread Jorgensen 66% JJ Electoral votes % reporting
Arizona 1,626,679 1,643,664 16,985 49,984 32,989 51% 11 98%
Georgia 2,455,428 2,465,781 10,353 61,894 40,850 25% 16 99%
Pennsylvania 3,316,294 3,362,018 45,724 77,529 51,169 89% 20 99%
Wisconsin 1,610,030 1,630,570 20,540 38,415 25,354 81% 10 99%

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