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“They Knew That Was a Lie, and They Still Continue Feeding You the Water” Spike Cohen Libertarian for VP

“They Knew That Was a Lie, and They Still Continue Feeding You the Water” Spike Cohen Libertarian for VP

Flint, MI – Spike Cohen is the Libertarian Party’s nominee for Vice President. Libertarians, from all over Michigan, converged upon the City of Flint’s water plant on August 20th to hear Vice Presidential candidate, Jeremy “Spike” Cohen speak. Because Cohen’s national bus tour is dedicated to convincing voters that on issues from education to healthcare, from perpetual wars to over-burdensome taxation, Spike and Jo Jorgensen have the answers that benefit them the most.

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Spike Cohen used the opportunity to meet with Libertarians, concerned citizens, and reporters, and discuss their concerns about life in Flint going forward.  His pervasive theme was that only he and Presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen presented a message about real change that is brought about by smaller government and more personal freedom.

The water plant, at 4500 Dort Highway in Flint, was chosen as a location to highlight government failure serving the interests of regular citizens.


In his speech Cohen described a public meeting where a Flint resident challenged their Mayor to drink brown-tinted contaminated water and instead drank some clear water:

Mayor Walling got up drank some water and said, “Oh this water is fine, I drink it every day. Everything’s fine.”

They knew that was a lie, and they still continue feeding you the water…

…Instead of fighting each other every day over who’s getting it worse and who’s getting it better, stepping back a second and saying “Wait! We’re all victims here, and their all the victimizers. 

None of these people are our friends, and we’re going to stop them.”

Spike Adapted To 2020

The tour bus served as a moving billboard, command Center, PPE station and hotel for Spike Cohen.  This is because the 2020 Presidential campaign had to be different, and this included using outdoor venues and having personal protective equipment on hand as the bus crisscrossed the country.

Spike Cohen’s audience practiced physical distancing during most of the program

Attendees gathered on the lawn at 5:30 PM and the program, which included media interviews, a speech, a question & answer session, and one-on-one conversation went from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  The campaign, state party, and Oakland county affiliate provided signs, hats, bumper stickers, and literature.

Please contact your local affiliate to see if the organizer has signs.  Scotty Boman in Wayne County has several.

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