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The Reason the Kamala Harris Fought So Hard to Block Exonerating Evidence? Keep Her Conviction Record High.

The Reason the Kamala Harris Fought So Hard to Block Exonerating Evidence? Keep Her Conviction Record High.

11 months ago

That prosecutor's name is Kamala Harris

By: Spike Cohen Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate

This man's name is Kevin Cooper. He sits on death row for a crime that his prosecutor knew that he likely didn't commit.

On a warm day in June of 1983, four people were brutally murdered in a home in Chino, California.

There was one survivor in the attack who, when interviewed by the police, stated that three White intruders entered the house and massacred those inside.

As news of the slayings began to circulate, another woman contacted police and stated that her boyfriend, a White man previously convicted of murder and recently released, was probably involved, even going so far as to give them his bloodied coveralls and explaining that his hatchet was missing, a weapon that seemed likely to have caused many of the wounds on the victims.

The police, instead of testing the blood on the coveralls to see if it matched that of the victims, threw them away.

They also chose to ignore the eyewitness testimony about three White intruders, and instead pursued Kevin Cooper.

Kevin Cooper was no angel.

He spent many years of his life in and out of prison for a variety of crimes, including violent crimes.

Kevin, a Black man, was convicted in a racially charged trial and sentenced to die.

Despite countless appeals and testimony by numerous law enforcement professionals that he is innocent of these murders, Cooper still sits in prison today.

Technology has advanced sufficiently since 1983 that advanced DNA testing is available that could definitively determine his innocence or guilt.

And yet he waits.

The defense team even insisted that they would pay for the testing.

Still denied.

A prosecutor in California blocked several attempts to use that advanced DNA testing to exonerate a potentially innocent man, a man for whom compelling evidence exists that he did not commit these crimes.

The reason the prosecutor fought so hard to block exonerating evidence? To keep their conviction record high.

That prosecutor's name is Kamala Harris, and Kevin isn't the only person who was wrongfully convicted in a murder trial under her.

It makes perfect sense that Joe Biden, one of the architects of the militarized police state, would choose her, someone who enforced that brutal police state, as his running mate.