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Kamala Harris or Jo Jorgensen: Who is the Woman for the job?

Kamala Harris or Jo Jorgensen: Who is the Woman for the job?

Joe Biden promised to pick a female Vice President. He never promised to pick someone who was right for the job, or who had a history of caring about the individual rights of Americans – all he promised was a woman … any woman.

This week, Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential candidate. There were many qualified and even quality female candidates that he could have picked – but he picked Kamala Harris.

You probably already know the problematic record that Harris brings with her to this race. Her history as District Attorney in San Francisco is one of an authoritarian on issues of drug use, truancy, sex work, and more. It is sad, yet not surprising, that this is the response from the Democrats to a summer full of riots demanding a real response to rampant and widespread abuses by law enforcement and the justice system.

Next week is the centennial celebration of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, when the American government at long last recognized and affirmed the right of women to vote in the United States. In many ways we have come so far in the last 100 years, but it is sad to see that hard-fought progress by our suffragette forebearers cheapened by the choice of a terrible candidate because, well, she is a woman.

Once again, the Libertarian Party has provided America a much better option. Dr. Jo Jorgensen was not chosen because she is a woman. In a field full of qualified and quality candidates, Libertarians chose Jo for her expertise, experience, empathy, and commitment to liberty for each and every American.

Let’s compare the top of the Libertarian ticket to the “top cop” and newly added VP on the Democratic ticket:

On Criminal Justice Reform

On the War on Drugs

On Sex Work

There is no doubt that electing a woman as president or vice president would be historic and monumental in the United States. However the achievements and progression we have made should never be cheapened by electing a presidential ticket simply because a woman was given the consolation prize of Vice President after her own party’s voters rejected her. Is it time for a woman president? Yes - and that is because there is a woman running who will at last put a stop to the destructive foreign and domestic policies that Republicans and Democrats have poisoned our union with for over a century.

Send a loud and clear message to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Support Jo Jorgensen, and let them know that you are serious about real change, not pandering and politicking.

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This article was original sent by the Libertarian Party in an email on August 13, 2020.