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Kamala Harris Does Not Work For The People - Jorgensen Does

Kamala Harris Does Not Work For The People - Jorgensen Does

Joe Biden has selected Kamala Harris as his VP choice for nomination. 

With questions lingering regarding Joe Biden’s mental health speculations rises that Kamal would be the next President, one can only assume Kamala Harris was chosen for her close adherence to Biden’s historical practices of stronger policing. 

When California Judges wanted to expand the release program for non violent offenders, Lawyers working for Kamala Harris argued that releasing them would cause prisons to lose an important pool of forced labor for putting out California’s wild fires (for which the prisoners only get paid $1/hr). Source

Jo Jorgensen the Libertarian candidate for President has advocated the release of all nonviolent offenders for any crimes that do not have victims.


Harris Laughs about jailing parents of students. Jo Jorgensen wants to get the government out of education entirely returning educational decisions to parents, teachers, and students.

During her time as the Attorney General of California Harris refused to allow DNA testing in the case of Kevin Cooper, Harris changed her mind after a New York Times article was written on the topic. 

She also came out and appealed a federal judge decision that the California death penalty was constitutional.  Libertarians and Jo Jorgensen believe that the government makes mistakes too often to allow the government to kill people. Source: NY Times

Harris supports civil asset forfeiture which takes property from people simply for being accused of the crime. Even though it is widely disliked and arguably unconstitutional, Kamala Harris has publicly supported it on multiple occasions. She sponsored a bill to allow seizure of profits without charges, and in 2011 she opposed a bill that would have reformed the procedure. Source: Jacobin

Jo Jorgensen and running mate Spike Cohen have nothing adamantly opposed civil asset forfeiture with the intention of entirely abolishing the practice.

A final confusing point is that Harris herself believes Biden’s accusers of sexual assault. “I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,” Harris told reporters at a presidential campaign stop in Nevada” Source: Huffington Post

In a contentious 2020 election with topics from COVID-19 to police brutality on the minds of many people there is only one Presidential ticket  that is proposing the government get out of the way, that is Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen. 

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