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Fourth of July and the Truth of Independence Day

Fourth of July and the Truth of Independence Day

3 months ago

Exasperated as I might be from repeating it every year, I will again: I do not celebrate the fourth of July, any more than I glorify any other arbitrary date on a calendar. Some time ago, call it a conspiracy theory or what you will, any coincidental connection to Independence Day was totally removed from the routine holiday that the United States places halfway between Mother’s Day and Labor Day. As a personal social experiment, I listened to various television and radio stations as background noise throughout my work day on both Monday and Tuesday. Conservative, liberal, news, talk, music, sports, talking heads, deejays, commercials, it mattered not...I heard a plethora of discussions and jingles about the fourth of July, but not one damned mention of Independence Day.  

The fourth of July is a lazy, hedonistic celebration of populism, nationalism, making sure your papers are in order, and waving Chinese-made American flags. Independence Day is a recognition of secession, fleeing tyranny, and telling kings what they can do with their edicts and orders. But they sure don’t want you to contemplate seceding or being independent; they most definitely want you to be dependent on the behemoth of the federal government, and to think that you are inseparable from its infinite control.

 What do you know about history or your civic rights? Not the watered-down garbage that is funded by theft of the taxpayers and taught in the parasitic indoctrination camps (aka public schools), but real history or rights? What do you know about the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution? How about the sovereignty robbing 17th Amendment? How about jury nullification? How about the Federal Reserve (which is neither federal nor a reserve)? The Council on Foreign Relations? The Boston Massacre? The Stamp Act Resistance?

So do you celebrate the fourth of July? Don’t insult my intelligence. Use your brain, be educated and informed, embrace liberty. Happy Independence Day to you. God bless the Republic, and death to the New World Order.

Reposted with permission of Author Dale Gillespie